Them: Swedish Scholar Finds New Evidence that the Kensington.

If you are a longtime reader of this blog, you are undoubtedly familiar with the legend of the Kensington Runestone, a rune-covered stone unearthed in the.

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SOL-WAR - Sons of Light - Warriors Alien Resistance The New World Order Globalist Cabal Uses Weather Warfare Against the American People Every Hurricane Season First and foremost, this superstorm is being sent to.

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Fantasy Kitchen Sink - TV Tropes What happens when All Myths Are True is turned Up to Eleven? You get a Fantasy Kitchen Sink! Everything is true, even if it comes from vastly different …

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Epic of Gilgamesh - Jason Colavito One of the most cited sources for ancient astronaut theorists, the EPIC OF GILGAMESH began as a series of unconnected Sumerian stories around 2150 BCE before being.

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Outside-Context Problem - TV Tropes 'An Outside Context Problem was the sort of thing most civilisations encountered just once, and which they tended to encounter rather in the same way a.