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Located in the historic Max Factor building, the Hollywood Mels shares space with the Hollywood Museum, home of 10,000 Hollywood exhibits and artifacts from classic.

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Entertainment - Viva Hollywood Mexican Cuisine in Hollywood. OPEN HOURS. Tuesday - Thursday: 6pm-11pm Friday - Saturday: 6pm-12am Closed: Sunday - Tuesday

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The Spare Room the spare room is a gaming parlor and cocktail lounge located in the hollywood roosevelt hotel. it is a place built on social interaction, that brings groups together.

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Hollywood Themed Restaurant George's at Kaufman Studios in Astoria Queens invites you to soak up old Hollywood with new interiors and a new movie-inspired menu. Enjoy live jazz and exquisite offer.

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Five0Four Hollywood Royal is the best bar in Los Angeles. Enjoy Happy Hour Daily in Hollywood. Bottomless mimosas every Sunday. Live DJ nightly on Hollywood Blvd.

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THE HUNGRY CAT Seafood, Rawbar, Cocktails HOLLYWOOD..SANTA. HOURS. HAPPY HOUR. monday - friday. 5pm - 7pm . BRUNCH saturday & sunday 11am - 3pm LUNCH No longer serving lunch . MIDDAY saturday 3pm - 5pm sunday 3pm - 4pm

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Food for your soul in the heart of Hollywood Join Us for Happy Hour Twice a Day, Every Day SOUL is traditional southern cuisine soaked in contemporary California hues, enhanced by organic seasonal ingredients.

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Home - Canal Hollywood As estreias que marcaram grandes momentos de cinema, agora em tamanho TV, para que voltemos a sentir a diversidade de emoções que continuam a reunir famílias, em.

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This West Hollywood restaurant is making cannabis. Bartender Jason Eisner at Gracias Madre has taken a big stride for Los Angeles cannabis culture by launching weed cocktails at the organic, plant-based.